The methodology is an essential part of your thesis, because here you put determines how your research is to be carried out.

By the way you win new insights and answering your research question.

We’ll show you an overview of the different methods that you can use in the dissertation and how custom assignment writing services you find out in four steps, which suits your research question.


Step 1: Get an overview of the different methods

If you are still at the beginning, you have the choice between these methods for your thesis:

Whichever method you choose, also depends on the nature of your research and your research question. Because each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

Overview of the advantages and disadvantages of your methodology Theoretical issues be addressed in practice. you are reliant on the cooperation of other people

Requires a lot of research and preparatory writingbee work

you can examine issues on which there is not still a lot of literature. you have enough time to schedule transcription of the interview.

You are reliant on the cooperation of other people

you can develop a completely separate issue, without having to sustain you other only on empirical research. It is sometimes not so easy to get access to the field.

You collect any opinions or attitudes

Minimum effort, because you raise your own data. All the data you are already available. It is difficult to obtain current data.

You can not own operationalization perform

you can also events that occur in the past analyze. Suitable only for specific issues. you can capture unconscious aspects you put an artificial situation here td?.. colspan=”2″>Example . How present is stress in business studies and how does this on the motivation of students from? expert interview Example . How did through social media everyday life of an editor changed in a radio station? observation Example . How do young people behave in the classroom their teacher against td review Example . How did the research on climate change in recent years developing and changing? Qualitative content analysis example : How to report German newspapers about the financial crisis group discussion ‘? / th Works well as a dynamic entry into new topics. The results can not be generalized. example How to use students of communication science blogs on the Internet experiment example : What effec T has coffee on the attention capacity of students?

Step 2: Decide between quantitative and qualitative approach

An important step in choosing the method of your thesis is to decide whether you want to proceed qualitatively or quantitatively.

High : Using qualitative methods you’ll find out why and how certain things happen. You focus on the content of your results and wertest from this interpretative. You can, for example, the answers in interviews with experts examine good quality.

quantitative : Quantitative research deals with facts and figures. Here you’ll have a lot to do with numerical data. You can, for example, completed questionnaires a survey to evaluate quantitatively.

Example : How present is stress in business studies and how does this impact on the motivation of students


High : You lead Interview with students through and wertest the content of their answers using categories of high


quantitative : You lead a survey of students with multiple choice questions by wertest and the answers from randomly


Step 3: Are you going to argue inductively or deductively


You must also determine how you connect your research with a theory. Here you have the choice between an inductive and deductive approach.

inductive ‘/ strong If you argue inductively, you ask according to your research a theory on


Deductive : In the deductive research you start with an existing theory in and review them according to your research


Example : What has changed through social media everyday life of an editor at a radio station


Inductive : You lead a survey with editors and closes with these answers to the general situation in the everyday life of radio editors


Deductive : Looking for you a theory about the use of social media in their daily work out and befragst editors as part of expert interviews specifically for areas of this theory

. If you wish to proceed inductively

Also, the grounded theory method to analyze the collected data and a theoretical model is to create.

Step 4: Make sure that the validity and reliability of your research are guaranteed

Have you made up your mind for a research method, you need to plan to make sure that the validity and reliability are given.

validity : The validity is about the validity of your research. Here is also again a distinction between internal validity and external validity.

reliability : The reliability indicates whether it is possible to reproduce your research


Example : At what level are the spelling and grammar of second graders in Germany


validity : A questionnaire will be distributed to five schools from each province to representative close to Germany


reliability : The questionnaires are standardized and each child receives exactly the same questions


Write the methodology part

Have you decided on a method, you must now describe this in your thesis and justify. You’re doing the methodology section.

where you describe what you have done specifically to answer your research question. That you do, you come in by the methodology part to the following questions:

  • kind of method did you use?
  • did you proceed in the investigation?
  • have you raised your data?
  • qualities have your data?
  • did you evaluate your data?

If you have made for yourself to all four steps in this article thoughts

, you’re ready to write your methodology section.